I'm Natasha, Founder of EquiBody App.

EquiBody App was born when I saw the struggles the Equine Wellness Professionals looking after my own horses had with their business processes.

Being a Business Strategist and CFO, my life is spent helping businesses automate systems and processes as the platform for success. I knew the cost of manual processes to the time and energy business owners needed in order to truly build a successful business without burnout and overwhelm.

Not finding a solution already in the market I loved, I decided to take the matter into my own hands. Using my wealth of digital business process knowledge, I set about designing and developing a solution that would genuinely make life easier for the people who dedicated their lives to helping our horses.

EquiBody App's mission is to empower equine professionals to grow a successful, purpose-driven business so they can find the freedom they desire. EquiBody App is committed to building a solution that YOU want.
You speak, we listen.

Customer feedback is the cornerstone of our business, each and every one of you are heard and appreciated. You have the ability to contribute to EquiBody App's development through feature requests and feedback.

This isn't just any app, this is YOUR app.

What Users Say

This has literally saved my life!

Jenny P.

I can't tell you how much time and I saved by implementing EquiBody App in my business. The customer service and support your receive is second to none as well!

Sara H.

With little experience in style and no knowledge of how to mix items, I was anxious when decorating my new house. But luckily, I got Ayodelé. Mission accomplished… so thanks again!

Craig W.

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