EquiBody App is jam-packed full of features to make your business life easier!

There's way too many to list out, but here's some of our main ones below.

We're committed to helping your business, that's why we made one affordable price for all the features. We don't believe in charging you more as you grow. We want to give you everything you need right from the start, and never take more of your money just because you do well.

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Digital Reports

Create beautiful digital Bodywork of Saddle Fit reports that you love to show your clients. Share and file with one click!

  • Show modalities used
  • Mark-up findings on full colour anatomy diagrams
  • Write other notes and observations
  • Add recommendations for care plans and follow-up treatments
  • Upload pictures and mark up areas of interest

Digital Schedule

Create your appointment schedule right in the app!

  • Public booking page with your custom schedules so clients can book appointments anytime
  • Manually add your own appointments as you choose
  • Add notes to remember for the appointment
  • Automatically show address details
  • Automatically show client name
  • Connect to Google Maps for one-click directions

EquiBody App keeps you on track with automated task tracking. Never miss an invoice, appointment request or report again!

Digital Contacts

Keep all your contacts in one place and linked to each horse!

  • Differentiate between Primary contacts and Associated contacts
  • Have everyone involved with the horse linked so you can collaborate easily
  • Invite contacts to EquiBody App so they can view and update details, reports and notes.
  • Digitally onboard clients so you do less data entry and everything is automatically filed in the one place!
  • Call, email or get directions with one click!

Digital Filing

No more piles of paper you'll get to 'one day'. With everything connected on the one digital platform you can kiss manual admin goodbye!

  • Digital onboarding of clients including Indemnities/Terms of Service
  • Clients can add horses into the portal for you
  • Capture all the important information in one place
  • Reports automatically filed and easy to find
  • Upload important documents
  • Create notes for your eyes only
  • Add contact details for everyone associated with the horse
  • View and share reports with other EquiBody App practitioners for seamless collaboration
  • Even keep your own horses in the app!
  • Transfer or archive horses easilyA

Digital Invoicing with integration to popular accounting apps

Invoice appointments and products easily, add comments on the invoice and email directly to the client with a single click.

Integration with third party apps

Integrate with Xero, Quickbooks, Mailchimp, Google Calendar and more to come!

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